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Back in SRQ May. 4th, 2007 @ 12:45 pm

Going to be in Sarasota for about a week or so, probably until next Sunday, so give me a call or leave a message here on LJ if you want to hang out. 

School shooting...blame video games Apr. 16th, 2007 @ 03:25 pm
So undoubtedly you've seen the the news now about the Virginia Tech shooting.  It's a tragedy just like any school shooting but during the watching of the endless coverage on Fox News they had an asshole start blaming violent culture and video games specifically. 

This guy was talking about how Klebold and Harris at Columbine had a Doom website and played Doom and some other kid that shot up some place happened to have Grand Theft Auto on his computer.  And in Germany a kid who shot up his school played Counter Strike. 

Yeah, so?  I've been playing games like Doom, GTA, and ultra violent games since I was about 13 or 14 or younger.  I've never once had the notion to get a gun, then go out and use it to massacre people.  I've listened to music by Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, KMFDM and it's never given me the urge to go kill people.  I watch ultra violent movies and they don't make me want to kill. 

They also had a guy saying it was perhaps an emotional scar from being made fun of like they blamed at Columbine on the bullying and stuff kids face.  That's utter BS too, that might make a person made at another and upset with themselves but it rarely drives a person who isn't already mentally sick even worse.  People have made fun of my hair or clothes in the past but all it did was make me think that person is an asshole, didn't make me want to kill them. 

Guess what makes people want to kill, their own psychotic, delusional, demented psyche.  These people are crazy and have serious problems that do not stem from violence in games and such.  Klebolt and Harris had no motive, according to their video diaries.  They did it because they were angry and sick.  I'm sure this guy at Virginia Tech is the same way. 

It just pisses me off when people want to blame games, music, movie for something that isn't at fault.  You know how many people are into those games and have never felt the notion to shoot people...about 99.99999999999%. 

Heading back home Mar. 7th, 2007 @ 06:43 pm
For those that care I'll be heading back to SRQ tomorrow morning/afternoon.  From about 2 or so tomorrow until next Sunday the 18th I'll be around and available pretty much anytime to hang out.  So if you want to get together and do something call me, send an email, send a message on AIM or leave a message here on LJ.  Spring Break!!!! Woo! Well when are we gonna get rowdy?(one of my favorite Milhouse quotes).

I've seen a lot of movies recently Feb. 21st, 2007 @ 01:56 pm
So thanks to Blockbuster Online I have seen a butt load of films lately.  Finally saw Eulogy after Mégan suggested it to me a couple of times.  Was a funny look at dysfunction, in fact I found it more humorous than Little Miss Sunshine.  Also saw Donnie Brasco which I think she suggested to me as well or somebody did.  I liked that, Al Pacino was endearing as an underappreciated old timer in the mob.  I saw School for Scoundrels, that was pretty damn funny.  Finally saw The Departed and after watching it I went out and bought it so that should tell you how much I liked it.  Saw Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, that was good, his first really mainstream film that starred Michael J. Fox.  Miller's Crossing from the Coen Brothers is a bad ass mobster film, loved that.  Lady in the Water from M. Night Shymalan was ok but not spectacular like some of his other work.  Watched both the Fletch films, Chevy Chase was so great back in the day.  Watched Hannibal last night, decent but lackluster follow up to one of my all time favorites Silence of the Lambs.  Finally got to see Double Indemnity, not as good as I would have hoped after all I heard about it but still a good film noir.  Oh and I watched The Marine starring WWE's John Cena, quite possibly the dumbest movie ever.  The shooting and explosions were nice but the acting was god awful and the comic relief they tried to insert was just painfully bad.  I think that's all, I may have seen more that I can't remember.  That movie should have been a direct to DVD, direct to bargain bin film like the new Steven Seagal films that come out but thanks to Vince McMahon and WWE's money it got promoted and released in theaters.  Smart investment.

R.I.P Garrett Hayes Feb. 12th, 2007 @ 10:35 pm
A good friend of mine(and maybe of you out there) from high school Garrett Hayes has passed away.  My mom emailed me with the news and I couldn't believe it but from his obituary, http://www.legacy.com/HeraldTribune/Obituaries.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonID=86377025, I'm certain it's him.  Even though we didn't keep in touch after high school, Garrett was one of the coolest guys I'd ever met.  I'll miss him and hate the fact that I won't get a chance to see him at a reunion or wherever again.  I feel bad for his mom Laurie who is a very nice lady and allowed us to make stupid videos at her house throughout junior year.  I never met his dad and his brother Kevin was a cool kid when I knew him.  I don't know exactly what happened or how he died but his family is asking for donations be made to American Cancer Society so it could have been cancer.  Thanks for being my friend Garrett, you were one of the good ones, I'll miss you buddy.  He was 21.

Gone too soon

Garrett Hayes, May 17, 1985-February 7, 2007
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» Automaton Transfusion
Recently found this interview with Will Clevinger, a movie producer for the zombie film Automaton Transfusion.  You may remember me mentioning this film before.  It's a low budget indie film that was shot in Ocala and Orlando.  Anyway, I keep up with the film's status because I met Will the producer and his friend Aaron the executive producer shortly after the film was finished.   In the interview the guy he mentions Aaron, the executive producer, and his friend Jordan at the end were both there the night I met them. You may know the story but I'll tell it again anyway.

When the Xbox 360 released back in winter 2005, I drove to Ocala to wait in line all night outside Best Buy to get one(the Gainesville BB was already packed).  When I got there I was in line behind these 3 young guys who were all friends.  One was Will the producer.  He's just 22 now.  He graduated from Full Sail and now lives in Hollywood.  He just happened to be back home in Ocala that weekend and decided to get a 360.  So I got to know those guys and shared a tent with them in the freezing cold of December for 14 hours overnight.  He told me about his film Automaton Transfusion,  a zombie movie he made and showed me the myspace page for it and told me that at the time they were in negotiations to distribute it through New Line.  That has since changed and many studios are in a bidding war including Lions Gate and Fox.  However the rights are now with the Weinstein Company.  I really hope these guys make it because I want to be able to tell stories of how I cooked steak-ums with Will and Aaron in the Best Buy Ocala parking lot on a small grill on the hood of my car as we tried not to freeze and starve to death. 


» Nightwatch
Finally got to see Nightwatch.  Dustin turned me on to the film a couple years ago when it was first being released by showing me the trailer for the film.  It's a Russian film but was being released in a limited fashion in the US before finally coming to DVD.  I recently signed up for the Blockbuster Total Access online thing, which is awesome by the way got my first movies the day after they shipped which is much better than Netflix could ever do plus I can return each one for a free in store movie so that's nice.  So anyway, Nightwatch was among the first 3 films I received and I must say it's pretty damn cool but also pretty fucking confusing.  The story is kind of hard to follow, I mean you get the main idea but it's still hard to keep track of everything.  There's some cool action sequences and the story is cool and the way the film is shot is unique at times.  One of the cooler things was how they did the English subtitles, they would show up and if a character moved over them, they'd be blocked and if a character yelled, the words would get bigger.  Now apparently this summer the sequel Day Watch is being released in the U.S.  The movie's are a part of a trilogy.  I'd check it out sometime if you can.

I also got A Fish Called Wanda with my first order.  I had seen many say this was a hilarious flick and while it was pretty funny I feel it's a bit overrated.  I enjoyed it but after some of the build up I'd always heard it wasn't as great as I thought it'd be.

Also got Snakes on a Plane.  I'm tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane, motherfucker.  I actually really enjoyed this movie.  You can tell it was purposely made to be a campy action/comedy that is so bad it's good and it works.  I thought it was really funny and the snake fighting action was great, Samuel L. is a badass as always. 

Recently rented Drawing Flies(early Jason Lee film from the View Askew universe) and it's a piece of turd.  It's basically a student film that just had a higher budget and featured a young Jason Lee and a fresh from Clerks Jason Mewes.  The acting stunk and the movie was boring and I wasted money renting it, live and learn.  Can't believe Kevin Smith and Mosier doing the intro talked about how much they love it and the Canadian buddy of theirs that made it. 

However I did also pickup Thank You For Smoking and that was a very funny and smart satire.  Really enjoyed that one and Aaron Eckhart is great in it, I'd certainly recommend that.
» w00t update
So my semester is going well.  Classes are all ok so far.  Really digging my Polish sci-fi/fantasy class.  Watched some interesting films so far including The Tenant, a 70s Polanski psyhchological drama.  Also watched The First Spaceship on Venus, which was originally titled something different in Poland but was dubbed over and re-edited for America and became a Hollywood B-film.  It's so bad it's funny, one of those kinds of movies, it was used as one of the mocked films on Mystery Science Theater 300. 

Watched a great film in my Visual Culture and Networked History class today.  Stagecoach, a 1939  classic Western starring John Wayne and a slew of great actors.  Thomas Mitchell, played Uncle Billy in It's a Wonderful Life, he won an academy award for his role in this film as a drunk doctor.  Claire Trevor, who won an Academy Award for her role in Key Largo, played a woman who was cast out of town for prostitution, but falls for John Wayne.  John Carradine plays a slick gambler, looking very much like Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.  Carradine as you may know is the father of Kung Fu's David Carradine(Bill in Kill Bill).  The cast is just great as a group thrown together and forced to travel in a small stage coach between towns in the Old West.  All the while they are on the lookout for the Apache's and their leader Geronimo.  John Wayne is awesome as the Ringo Kid, an escaped prisoner who escaped to settle the score with 3 brothers who shot and killed his father and brother, culminating in a final showdown.  One of the best Westerns I've ever seen.  4 time Academy Award Winner John Ford directed.
NATIONAL FUCKING CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...that is all
» Movie Review: Accepted

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