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So my semester is going well.  Classes are all ok so far.  Really digging my Polish sci-fi/fantasy class.  Watched some interesting films so far including The Tenant, a 70s Polanski psyhchological drama.  Also watched The First Spaceship on Venus, which was originally titled something different in Poland but was dubbed over and re-edited for America and became a Hollywood B-film.  It's so bad it's funny, one of those kinds of movies, it was used as one of the mocked films on Mystery Science Theater 300. 

Watched a great film in my Visual Culture and Networked History class today.  Stagecoach, a 1939  classic Western starring John Wayne and a slew of great actors.  Thomas Mitchell, played Uncle Billy in It's a Wonderful Life, he won an academy award for his role in this film as a drunk doctor.  Claire Trevor, who won an Academy Award for her role in Key Largo, played a woman who was cast out of town for prostitution, but falls for John Wayne.  John Carradine plays a slick gambler, looking very much like Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.  Carradine as you may know is the father of Kung Fu's David Carradine(Bill in Kill Bill).  The cast is just great as a group thrown together and forced to travel in a small stage coach between towns in the Old West.  All the while they are on the lookout for the Apache's and their leader Geronimo.  John Wayne is awesome as the Ringo Kid, an escaped prisoner who escaped to settle the score with 3 brothers who shot and killed his father and brother, culminating in a final showdown.  One of the best Westerns I've ever seen.  4 time Academy Award Winner John Ford directed.
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