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Finally got to see Nightwatch.  Dustin turned me on to the film a couple years ago when it was first being released by showing me the trailer for the film.  It's a Russian film but was being released in a limited fashion in the US before finally coming to DVD.  I recently signed up for the Blockbuster Total Access online thing, which is awesome by the way got my first movies the day after they shipped which is much better than Netflix could ever do plus I can return each one for a free in store movie so that's nice.  So anyway, Nightwatch was among the first 3 films I received and I must say it's pretty damn cool but also pretty fucking confusing.  The story is kind of hard to follow, I mean you get the main idea but it's still hard to keep track of everything.  There's some cool action sequences and the story is cool and the way the film is shot is unique at times.  One of the cooler things was how they did the English subtitles, they would show up and if a character moved over them, they'd be blocked and if a character yelled, the words would get bigger.  Now apparently this summer the sequel Day Watch is being released in the U.S.  The movie's are a part of a trilogy.  I'd check it out sometime if you can.

I also got A Fish Called Wanda with my first order.  I had seen many say this was a hilarious flick and while it was pretty funny I feel it's a bit overrated.  I enjoyed it but after some of the build up I'd always heard it wasn't as great as I thought it'd be.

Also got Snakes on a Plane.  I'm tired of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane, motherfucker.  I actually really enjoyed this movie.  You can tell it was purposely made to be a campy action/comedy that is so bad it's good and it works.  I thought it was really funny and the snake fighting action was great, Samuel L. is a badass as always. 

Recently rented Drawing Flies(early Jason Lee film from the View Askew universe) and it's a piece of turd.  It's basically a student film that just had a higher budget and featured a young Jason Lee and a fresh from Clerks Jason Mewes.  The acting stunk and the movie was boring and I wasted money renting it, live and learn.  Can't believe Kevin Smith and Mosier doing the intro talked about how much they love it and the Canadian buddy of theirs that made it. 

However I did also pickup Thank You For Smoking and that was a very funny and smart satire.  Really enjoyed that one and Aaron Eckhart is great in it, I'd certainly recommend that.
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Date:February 2nd, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
woo, told ya SoaP was good. love the L.
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