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Recently found this interview with Will Clevinger, a movie producer for the zombie film Automaton Transfusion.  You may remember me mentioning this film before.  It's a low budget indie film that was shot in Ocala and Orlando.  Anyway, I keep up with the film's status because I met Will the producer and his friend Aaron the executive producer shortly after the film was finished.   In the interview the guy he mentions Aaron, the executive producer, and his friend Jordan at the end were both there the night I met them. You may know the story but I'll tell it again anyway.

When the Xbox 360 released back in winter 2005, I drove to Ocala to wait in line all night outside Best Buy to get one(the Gainesville BB was already packed).  When I got there I was in line behind these 3 young guys who were all friends.  One was Will the producer.  He's just 22 now.  He graduated from Full Sail and now lives in Hollywood.  He just happened to be back home in Ocala that weekend and decided to get a 360.  So I got to know those guys and shared a tent with them in the freezing cold of December for 14 hours overnight.  He told me about his film Automaton Transfusion,  a zombie movie he made and showed me the myspace page for it and told me that at the time they were in negotiations to distribute it through New Line.  That has since changed and many studios are in a bidding war including Lions Gate and Fox.  However the rights are now with the Weinstein Company.  I really hope these guys make it because I want to be able to tell stories of how I cooked steak-ums with Will and Aaron in the Best Buy Ocala parking lot on a small grill on the hood of my car as we tried not to freeze and starve to death. 


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