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Previous Entry I've seen a lot of movies recently Feb. 21st, 2007 @ 01:56 pm Next Entry
So thanks to Blockbuster Online I have seen a butt load of films lately.  Finally saw Eulogy after Mégan suggested it to me a couple of times.  Was a funny look at dysfunction, in fact I found it more humorous than Little Miss Sunshine.  Also saw Donnie Brasco which I think she suggested to me as well or somebody did.  I liked that, Al Pacino was endearing as an underappreciated old timer in the mob.  I saw School for Scoundrels, that was pretty damn funny.  Finally saw The Departed and after watching it I went out and bought it so that should tell you how much I liked it.  Saw Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, that was good, his first really mainstream film that starred Michael J. Fox.  Miller's Crossing from the Coen Brothers is a bad ass mobster film, loved that.  Lady in the Water from M. Night Shymalan was ok but not spectacular like some of his other work.  Watched both the Fletch films, Chevy Chase was so great back in the day.  Watched Hannibal last night, decent but lackluster follow up to one of my all time favorites Silence of the Lambs.  Finally got to see Double Indemnity, not as good as I would have hoped after all I heard about it but still a good film noir.  Oh and I watched The Marine starring WWE's John Cena, quite possibly the dumbest movie ever.  The shooting and explosions were nice but the acting was god awful and the comic relief they tried to insert was just painfully bad.  I think that's all, I may have seen more that I can't remember.  That movie should have been a direct to DVD, direct to bargain bin film like the new Steven Seagal films that come out but thanks to Vince McMahon and WWE's money it got promoted and released in theaters.  Smart investment.
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