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Previous Entry School shooting...blame video games Apr. 16th, 2007 @ 03:25 pm Next Entry
So undoubtedly you've seen the the news now about the Virginia Tech shooting.  It's a tragedy just like any school shooting but during the watching of the endless coverage on Fox News they had an asshole start blaming violent culture and video games specifically. 

This guy was talking about how Klebold and Harris at Columbine had a Doom website and played Doom and some other kid that shot up some place happened to have Grand Theft Auto on his computer.  And in Germany a kid who shot up his school played Counter Strike. 

Yeah, so?  I've been playing games like Doom, GTA, and ultra violent games since I was about 13 or 14 or younger.  I've never once had the notion to get a gun, then go out and use it to massacre people.  I've listened to music by Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, KMFDM and it's never given me the urge to go kill people.  I watch ultra violent movies and they don't make me want to kill. 

They also had a guy saying it was perhaps an emotional scar from being made fun of like they blamed at Columbine on the bullying and stuff kids face.  That's utter BS too, that might make a person made at another and upset with themselves but it rarely drives a person who isn't already mentally sick even worse.  People have made fun of my hair or clothes in the past but all it did was make me think that person is an asshole, didn't make me want to kill them. 

Guess what makes people want to kill, their own psychotic, delusional, demented psyche.  These people are crazy and have serious problems that do not stem from violence in games and such.  Klebolt and Harris had no motive, according to their video diaries.  They did it because they were angry and sick.  I'm sure this guy at Virginia Tech is the same way. 

It just pisses me off when people want to blame games, music, movie for something that isn't at fault.  You know how many people are into those games and have never felt the notion to shoot people...about 99.99999999999%. 
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