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Happy Fourth of July Jul. 4th, 2006 @ 09:24 am
Went down to Ed Smith last night for the ballgame and fireworks show.  Haven't been to Ed Smith for a game in god knows how long, at least 5 years, maybe more.  I used to go everyday as a kid to watch the White Sox spring training when that was the team that Sarasota had.  Anywho.  Was a good game last night, 2nd part of a double header so the game was only 7 innings.  Luckily it wasn't called despite a good downpouring of rain for about half an hour.  Reds won 1-0 on a solo shot in the 6th, good pitchers duel, only 3 or 4 hits allowed by both teams.  Had a couple beers, at $5.25 per beer I wasn't feeling like having more than I did.  Was sitting in box seats along the 3rd baseline and in the section just to the right of us a guy took a line drive foul off his noggin.  Was scary looking at first but he he was fine after an EMT checked him out.  Guy who fouled off that ball also fouled off two others in a row into the same basic area.  One went a little higher into the upper stands and narrowly missed hitting a group of pre-teen girls, lucky for them they left one seat in the middle of them open or it would have nailed whoever was in that seat.  Actually attending a baseball game has made me want to start going to more now.  Too bad the Reds don't host the Phillies until well into August.  May have to drive up to Clearwater to see the Phils instead.  The fireworks were good and capped off a fun evening. 

Working til 6 tonight...sigh(I think I get time and a half though so that's a plus)

Head on over to Best Buy this week, they have some good deals on movies.  Yesterday I picked up Super Troopers and Donnie Darko for $5 each, Office Space Special Edition(with flair) for $7, and American Dad Volume One for $15(normally 33).  There's lots more on sale like Simpsons season 1, Futurama season 1, Girl Next Door, Stewie Griffin: untold story, Kingdom of Heaven.  Good deals.

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son Jun. 15th, 2006 @ 09:36 pm
I'm trying to restart my DVD collection, at the moment seeking out box sets and collector sets of directors or actors or that sort of thing.  So far I've bought the Bogart collection(4 of his best movies, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon, Big Sleep, and Key Largo) and Mel Brooks(includes Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein) collection.  Was going to buy this nice 14 movie set  by Hitchcock when it was on sale but the day I went to get it, they said it was no longer on sale...might get it soon anyway.  Most places have the same damn sets and none of them interest me much.  I like this Steve McQueen set but it doesn't include The Great Escape for some reason, I suppose I could just buy that separate to go with it.

Changed up my userpic again.  Again a film icon.  This time Jean Luc Godard.  Amazingly IFC Channel was showing Breathless one day, that film is better every time I watch it.  Godard's films seem to all go that way because you pick up on subtle things each time that you missed the time before. 

I have a job again May. 3rd, 2006 @ 05:10 pm
So today I went around starting at the mall and moving on to other places to gather up some applications and apply for a job here in the summer. After coming home for lunch and filling them all out I went back down to the mall. First application I turn in is Dillards and bam I'm hired. I'll be a guy unloading trucks and whatnot, done it before at TRU so no biggie. Workin' full time at a good wage rate so I'll be making some good dough. Best part is, I'll be done by at the latest 4pm so I've still got nights to hangout and stuff. If the job works out I'll probably be around Sarasota all summer.

Semester's over...woo May. 1st, 2006 @ 05:39 pm
Finally the semester is done with. I'm in the SRQ now so if'n you readin' this and you want to hang out sometime, call me or leave me a message on here or whatever.

Clooney is right Apr. 29th, 2006 @ 11:14 pm
I was flipping through the channels just now and stopped on Real Time with Bill Maher because it had George Clooney and I was wondering why he would be on there. And then he made the best point any celebrity activist has ever made. He said that the Natalie Holloway story, while sure it's a tragedy and it's awful, there is genocide going on in the world and you never see any stories about it on TV. The story of one family's tragedy is getting 24 hour news coverage while the deaths of thousands are getting no coverage. He said that if these stories from these foreign lands could get even 1/10 of the time of the Holloway story, more people would take notice and start trying to do something about it. He's visited these places to try and help just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

I've made that point about news channels before and it was nice to see someone whose opinion will actually be able to be heard by the masses being in complete agreement. Thank you George Clooney.
Other entries
» We are the Champions, my friends, and we won't stop...
Last night the Florida Gators men's basketball team won the NCAA Tournament to become National Champions for the first time in school history. It's been unbelievable here in Gainesville the past few weeks while the tournament has been going on. Before the season we weren't even ranked and to do this, amazing. I've been going to basketball games for about 8 years now and I remember how happy we were just to make it into the tournament and now this, it's been a fun ride. Before I started going to games I could have cared less for basketball and now I love it(only the college game, NBA is a joke).

Watched King Kong tonight. I liked it. Peter Jackson often goes for style over substance and some may knock him for it, saying it drags out his movies and makes them boring but I think it adds to the emotion. I loved how this version of King Kong had some nice hommage and reference to classic Hollywood of the 30s when the original was made. Great action sequences in the movie and the story was left alone by Jackson and is presented beautifully.

Flyers are blowing their shot at the division down the stretch. Oh well, that's why they play the games, nothing matters til we get to the playoffs and then we'll amp it up. Baseball just started. Phillies lost on opening day, just 161 more to go, let's make the playoffs this year boys, been 13 fucking years since we did that, so get to it.
» I love the sound of fire alarms at midnight
Lying in bed watching tv and about to fall asleep here 20 minutes ago and all of a sudden I hear a piercingly loud deafening beep in my apartment. Get out of my room to realize that it's my building's fire alarm and everyone is outside. Seems some idiot or idiots pulled one of the fire alarms in the building and pissed us all off immensely. Now I'm much more awake thanks to this event. On the brightside, the fire department did a hell of a job on the response time, only took about 5 minutes for them to be on site ready to roll in there in case of a real fire, so I feel better if there ever was a real fire here.

Springbreak was good. Seeing the family and some friends again. Hockey night was fun, despite the outcome. Funniest thing to me was how Tampa now wants to be known as Hockey Bay, USA. Nice ripoff of a real hockey team and city, as Detroit is known as Hockeytown, USA for the Red Wings. But what do you expect from a bunch of bandwagoners.

Saw some movies as I usually do in my spare time. The Hills Have Eyes and V for Vendetta amongst newly released films. Both were good films. Finally saw a couple movies Dustin told me to check out a long time ago. Got Big Trouble from Netflix, very funny. Also saw Hearts in Atlantis on TV while on break, awesome film. Watched The Ice Harvest and Rebel Without a Cause the other day. Saw some Roberto Rossellini films in my film class yesterday. I enjoyed Rome, Open City which is supposedly one of the most influential films of all time according to my professor, he put it in the category with Citizen Kane and Goddard's Breathless(seeing that later in the semester).

Just picked up Cell by Stephen King and Everything's Eventual by King as well today at Barnes and Noble, looking forward to reading some King again, been a little while.
» The Germans wore grey, you wore blue
So been a long time since I updated this thing. Not much going on. Still going to school, not as much as I should but I make an appearance at the two classes I really care about regularly. Spring Break coming up in a couple weeks, starting on the 10th for me. Wooooo Spring Break! Yeah it should be exciting. My sister's birthday tomorrow, she's gonna be 14, getting up there which makes me feel even older. Seems like everyone has a birthday in February. Megan turned 21, Dustin just turned 21 this weekend, my dad had his birthday on Valentine's Day. Mine is 8 months away, mark your calendars. Anywho, film class has been great the last 2 weeks. Watched The Maltese Falcon and today we saw Casablanca. I had seen it before but still I get chills watching it. I walked out of the class with a grin on my face, I just love that movie so much. It's the greatest film ever made, in my opinion. The writing, the dialogue, the acting, just everything is perfect. The classic lines, "Play it Sam, play As Time Goes By" or "Round up the usual suspects" or "We'll always have Paris" or "If you don't get on that plane, you'll regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life" or "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she had to walk into mine" or "Louis, I think this the beginning of a beautiful friendship" and well you get the point. Watching it, you know the lines are coming you know what's going to happen at the end but it's one of those movies that still gets me every time I see it. If you've never seen it, well you're missing out. It happens to everyone, a friend asks you if you've seen a movie, take a recent film like Fight Club and if you've never seen it they are taken aback that you haven't seen the film. Well that's how Casablanca is but about 100 times more surprising. I think it's the movie by which to judge any great movie. Hell I think it should be required viewing in schools, I've seen much crappier films in school(Don Juan Demarco anyone?). Anyway that's my lovefest for that. Also just watched Brokeback Mountain this weekend and I liked it alot as most people do. Beautiful story of love and friendship. Kind of reminded me of Midnight Cowboy with two strangers getting to know each other and form a relationship and that movie was also focused on two men that had a possible homosexual relationship so not entirely the same but very similar. Cowboy won the Oscar so maybe it'll work for Brokeback as well. Although I still gotta throw my vote behind Good Night, and Good Luck. Also watched Goldeneye for the first time in a long time, since I was a kid, great Bond film.
» Super Bowl is super tainted
This is quite possibly the first time I've ever felt that there was a fix on the Super Bowl. The idea is always thrown around by crazy conspiracy theorists but this was ridiculous. I had no vested interest in either team going in. I could care less, just wanted a good game. But after watching the screw job these officials put on the Seahawks, I was sick. I hope somebody in the media comes out and has the balls to say it but they probably won't cause they're mouths are too full of Bettis' dick and his sap story about winning one in his hometown. The calls that I saw that were bad: Darrell Jackson's touchdown in the 1st quarter being called back. Sure there was a pushoff but that happens on every play, hell Michael Irvin did it for every one of his catches, all 700 of em. Can't make that call in this game. 2nd: Big Ben never scored on that play and they even had a 2nd chance to look at it and still missed it. 3rd: The holding call on that play that setup the Seahawks first and goal. John Madden, a former coach and offensive lineman, said that it wasn't holding and he's usually great at pointing out holding. He said it was a cheap call. A few plays later Seattle throws a pick and a bogus penalty is called on the QB as he made the tackle, giving Pittsburgh the better field position. Steelers go on to score the winning TD. This officiating crew was supposed to be the best the NFL had to offer and somehow it looked like the worst in history. Did the refs have money on the game or did the NFL want to see Bettis finally win one or Cowher the choker win one? I feel like I wasted 3 and 1/2 hours of my life on a game that already had a pre-determined outcome. Plus the commercials for the most part sucked. Some funny ones, better than last year at least. My rant is over, enjoy your tainted title Steelers.
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